My goal is simple: To help instill in students subject knowledge and the following:



I hope you found this website useful.  I value students who are motivated, positive and dedicated to their studies.  My best advice is to get involved in class and you will have fun while learning more!  Think of going to college as you would a full-time career, devoting time and effort to do your very best. 

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Welcome to the PSYCH PRO student resource site!

Professor Christiansen

Professor Christiansen's Five Golden Rules for a Happy Life!

  • Treat everyone with respect!
  • Do a kind act every day!
  • Be slow to judge & quick to forgive
  • ​Be honest and act with integrity!
  • Life is short, make the most of it by helping others!

Steven Christiansen 

M.A. Psychology 

M.S. Criminology

Joined St. Louis Community College Psychology Program in 2008. He specializes in teaching general psychology, forensic psychology and human growth and development. To learn more about Mr. Christiansen's life's journey click on the learn more link above.