After graduating from St. Louis Community College he transferred to U.M.S.L.where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology.  A month after graduating he started working full-time as a "Intake Officer" for St. Louis County Justice Department where he worked for the next 12 years.  While working full time in law enforcement he returned to U.M.S.L. where he earned a Master's Degree in Criminology.  

Mr. Steve Christiansen was born and raised in University City, Missouri to a father who worked in a factory and a mother who was a stay-at-home mom.  He had two brothers; one older by 3 years and one younger by 7 years.  Here is a picture of Steve at around six years old.

​A Message from Professor Christiansen

In 1997 Mr. Christiansen interviewed and was hired by Green River Community College in Seattle, Washington where he ran the Criminal Justice and Forensic Technology Programs for the college.  During that time he also taught part-time as a police academy instructor for the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission.  

About Professor Christiansen

In order to move closer to his daughter who was now a teenager he interviewed and was hired at Joliet Junior College in the Chicago area in 2005.  During this time he went back to school and earned a second master's degree in psychology.  Mr. Christiansen ran the Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Programs at Joliet Junior College.  In 2007 his mother who still lived in Florissant had a stroke and he moved back to the St. Louis area and began teaching part-time for St. Louis Community College at Wildwood and St. Charles Community College.  During this time he helped his mother who was hospitalized and then moved to an assisted living home.  In a few years he was hired full-time by St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley to teach in the psychology program.  

One of the proudest times in Mr. Christiansen's life was when his daughter, Lauren, graduated from Indiana University where she attended with a full scholarship.  She graduated with a degree in Micro-Biology  and now attends St. George's University where she is earning her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree.  Mr. Christiansen still teaches full-time at St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley, the same place he earned his degree 30 plus years earlier.  Currently he teaches new students General Psychology and also teaches a specialized class in Forensic Psychology for the college and for a local university.  Mr. Christiansen loves teaching and helping students succeed.  He tries to make learning fun and wants students to enjoy coming to class and applying what they learn to improve their own lives.  Recently his daughter added a new member to their family, a Shar Pei dog by the name of Lilly.

​During this time he got married and had a little girl who they named "Lauren."   Also around 1985 he earned his private pilot license, his commercial pilot license and became a Certified Flight Instructor, teaching students how to safely fly airplanes.  In 1993 he moved to Tallahassee, Florida where he finished all his coursework for a PhD. in Criminology but also became divorced around the same time.   

Thank you for visiting my new website.  I created this site to help students and to also share part of my life's journey with you all and to show you my life is probably not so different than your own.  I want you to know that with hard work, honesty, compassion and dedication, you really can become whatever you want to be in life, you simply have to believe in yourself and be willing to work hard.  Before my father passed away he gave me some great knowledge, he said that everyone deserves respect, no matter what they do for a living.  

Mr. Christiansen came from a very modest home and his father would make extra money by cutting lawns for other people and delivering phone books to help support the family.  His family moved from University City to Florissant when he was in 7th grade.